Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Jews: War and a Sickness

"It was widely noted, most passionately by the Iraqi blogger Hammorabi, that when Tony Blair reminded the House of Commons that many countries had been scourged by the terrorists in recent years, he omitted Iraq from the list. His speechwriters had Iraq in a different part of their database; Iraqis weren't victims of terrorism in the same way as Brits, Americans, Kenyans, and Indonesians. One's instinct is to let it go as an oversight, but there was another country missing from the list, and this case was somewhat less widely noted: Israel. And at this point, one is forced to do some thinking. What do these two countries have in common, that they should both be ignored in the British government's response to the London attacks?"

No, it isn't that both start with "I." It is much more insidious, as Michael Ledeen so eloquently demonstrates. Read the rest of the article here. This also brings to mind a related shameful episode, documented by Honest Reporting:


"In the wake of the [London] attacks, The UK Sun published a roundup of Islamic terrorism 'across the world over the last decade'― complete with map. Guess which Mideast country that has absorbed hundreds of Islamist attacks during this period does not appear in the Sun's account? It seems that editors at The Sun don't consider the nearly 1000 Israeli civilian victims of Islamic terror worthy of mention as any one of the 'worst atrocities' for the past 12 years."


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