Thursday, August 04, 2005

Wack English-Yo!

English: The Language of White "Oppressors": A Brooklyn College professor says Ebonics is superior to the tongue of White Devils.

Here we go again, more idiocy from our intellectuals…

Money quote:

Another theme animating Parmar's course is her aversion to the proper usage of English. To insist on grammatical English, Parmar believes, is to exhibit an intolerable form of cultural chauvinism—a point reinforced by the a preface to the requirements for her course, which adduces the following quotation from the South African writer, Jamul Ndebele: "The need to maintain control over English by its native speakers has given birth to a policy of manipulative open-mindedness in which it is held that English belongs to all who use it provided that it is used correctly. This is the art of giving away the bride while insisting that she still belongs to you."[7] Students are expected to share Parmar's antipathy toward grammatical rule-based English, as she does not countenance dissent: In December of 2005, for instance, several disaffected Brooklyn College students wrote letters to the dean of the School of Education taking issue with Parmar's hostility toward students who dared voice their support for the correct usage of English.

Hmm, notice that Pramar herself uses proper English? Perhaps she’s aware that using grammatically incorrect English, or Ebonics, would do little to further her career. Also notice her intolerance of dissent, which is so typical of leftists.

This is yet another example of how leftist thought does harm to the people it purports to support. Imagine you are an employer looking to hire somebody for a job in which communication skills are essential. Are you going to hire the person who is well-spoken, or the person who speaks grammatically incorrect English and peppers his/her language with slang, some of which you don’t even understand-yo?

To insist on the use of grammatical English has nothing to do with “cultural chauvinism”; it simply has to do with following the rules of the English language. Failure to speak proper English implies a lack of intelligence or lack of education or lack of giving a shit—none of which will endear one to a potential employer.

When my great grandparents left the filthy anti-Semitic cesspool otherwise known as Czarist Russia, they arrived here with thick Yiddish accents (I assume). They obviously instilled in their children the need to master English. I know this because to this day my grandma corrects any minor English gaff I make in her presence.

In otha’ wordz: We all be wantin’ peeps frum lower economic backgroundz to get on da successful tip-yo! Know what I’m sayin,’ know what I’m sayin’? If dat be da case, why would anybody in dey right mizzle-mind try to be learnin’ dem kidz to lern English by studyin’ rap? Yo-dat shit wack.

P.S. If you imagine that I was making fun of Black people you are a racist. A lot of non-Blacks speak like that. Don’t assume everybody who speaks like that is Black.


In his book Black Rednecks and White Liberals, Thomas Sowell confronts the leftist mindset illustrated above. In one essay, Sowell "presents eye-opening insights into the historical development of the ghetto culture that is today wrongly seen as a unique black identity—a culture cheered on toward self-destruction by white liberals who consider themselves 'friends' of blacks."

Pramar is exactly the type "friend" Sowell refers to in his book.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A mixture of black slave patois and white lower-class dialect is in endanger of supplanting English as the spoken lingo here in London.

Know wot ah mean, blood?

8:46 AM  

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