Thursday, January 26, 2006

Zakstradamus predicts the future

It appears the Islami-nazi fascist animals of Hamas have won a majority in the Palestinian elections. At this point, I have heard this on the radio only. In fact the BBC, which I listen to at night, wouldn’t shut the fuck up about it. Anyway, before I begin perusing the Internet and other newspapers, I want to make my own predictions, unsullied with other pundits’ ideas and forecasts about what this portends for the future. So here it goes…

The US State Department, the EU, and of course Israel, have all pledged that they will not deal with Hamas, which all view as a terrorist organization dedicated to Israel’s obliteration. However, there have been reports for months that the Europeans and elements in the State Department have been putting out feelers to the non-military wings of Hamas, despite all of the formers' recent tough talk in the wake of these elections.

But what we are seeing now will be nothing but a repeat of what we saw with the PLO back in the late 80’s (or was it early ‘90’s, I don’t recall exactly and don’t feel like looking it up). The point is this: The PLO was on the books as officially dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Although the State Department and Europeans drooled at the idea of Israel and the PLO recognizing each other and negotiating, it took some time before Arafat finally uttered the words that the PLO rejected terror and recognized Israel’s right to exist. Once that happened, Israel agreed to enter into negotiations with the representatives of the PLO, and eventually recognized the PLO. Finally this all led up to the Oslo Accords in the early ‘90’s.

As is common knowledge now, throughout the peace accords of the 1990’s, Arafat played a double game of talking peace in English, taking whatever land and weapons and money he could get from Israel and donors, and then inciting his people to violence in Arabic. Thus began the campaign of Hamas and Islamic Jihad suicide bombings, of which Arafat’s PA did little or nothing to prevent. Arafat or one of his spokesliars would sooth the West with words of peace and complaints about Israel while at the same time Palestinians were detonating themselves on the streets and busses of Israel. And this went on and on. Good cop bad cop. There was always an excuse why the PA couldn’t crack down completely on Hamas and IJ. For the PA, it was perfect: They could get the occasional chunk of land and money, and keep killing Israelis in the process. To their own people, they never stopped the incitement to violence, and it took incredible arm twisting from former President Clinton to even get the PA to change the Palestinian Covenant, which calls for Israel’s destruction.

So now we have Hamas, another Palestinian terror group with an even creepier manifesto that calls for Israel’s destruction and goes further, dabbling in every imaginable anti-Semitic stereotype and conspiracy theory ever invented—and of course tossing in shouts out to “Allah” and “Mohammad” for good religious fundamentalist effect.

Here’s what’s going to happen: A few Hamas leaders will tell the west they might be able to recognize Israel and have a cease fire of some sort. In Arabic they’ll explain to their people and fanatical friends that they can’t have a cease fire with an entity that doesn’t exist, and so it’s okay to tell the west that they recognize Israel. I’m sure they’ll find some Islamic justification for their rouse, just as Arafat used to talk about the Treaty of Hubaidiya, whereby Muhammad and the newly formed Islamic community made a treaty, which of course they broke as soon as they were strong enough to murder infidel ass. The Hamas will do the same. This way they save face.

The EU and the State Department will run with any teeny tiny pronouncement by any two-bit Hamasnick who makes any conciliatory sounding remarks, no matter how tenuous-sounding and despite the lessons of recent and ancient history.

Israel can do two things:

It can be realistic and ignore Hamas (other than figuring out good ways to kill their leaders and militants like the cockroaches they are) and continue to unilaterally withdraw from parts of the West Bank while continuing to build the fence/wall. This is because from Israel’s point of view, there is nobody to negotiate peace with now—at all. The Palestinians have said loud and clear that they will not accept an Israel in any shape or form. It’s as if we are back to 1947-48, except Israel is significantly more powerful. So what’s to talk about? Mode of Israel’s execution? Not.

Or, Israelis can elect some bleary-eyed myopic leadership whom actually take the Hamas’ bait and attempt to negotiate with the killers. Of course, this depends on whether Hamas is willing to do so much as that. They might just want to keep on killing and killing and killing, although they have abided by a ceasefire for some time now. Nevertheless, should this happen, and should Israel, the State Department and the EU begin talking with “moderate” representatives of Hamas’ “political” leadership, what we will see is a replay of the Oslo years in the 1990’s.

That means the “political” echelon negotiating with Israel will say the right things to the west, and meanwhile their military wing, the Izzadin al-Kassem—which they’ll say they have little control over—will continue to murder in conjunction with the political echelon’s negotiations. Everybody with a brain will know the two are connected, just like everybody knew Jerry Adams of the IRA was just a talking head for the “hard men of the IRA” but they’ll just go along with it, because westerners seem to think that the “process” of “peace” is what’s most important, even if the process has nothing to do with peace other than in name only. If the Israelis go along with the second tack, well, woe be to them. They will find no mercy from their western friends.

Throughout the last “Intifada” groups like the Fatah Hawks and al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades—both connected to Arafat and Mahmud Abbass’ Fatah Party—were in a race to kill Israelis with the other Islamic terrorists. Did this destroy Fatah’s credibility? Did it harm their reputation? Were they shunned by the world because of this? Hardly. Instead, pressure was put on Israel to continue to negotiate with Fatah (i.e. the PA). It will be the same negotiating with Hamas. It will be a complete reply—mark my words. Remember this posting well, because I know I’m right.

Note: I take no pleasure in being right.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did a Palestinian girl kick your butt and give you that black eye?

11:10 AM  
Blogger semite1973 said...

Ha ha-- no. It was actually an accidental head-butt from a 210Ibs Russian while practicing submission grappling.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Air Force Guy said...

Palestinian girls don't beat up Jewish people, they use suicide bombs! Sheesh, these anon posters don't know anything, do they?

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a couple of points:

1) Why would Hamas bother with PA-style double-talk, when straight talk and bombs has been so successful? After all, Israel withdrew from Gaza - and you can't tell me Hamas didn't milk that "victory" for their election victory.

2) Now that Hamas are the Palestinians' legitimately, democratically-elected government, Israel cannot take out their leaders with extra-judicial killings: they will have to fight a proper war.


7:19 AM  
Blogger semite1973 said...

Airforce Guy, hubby of airfoce wife? I have heard many good things about you. Welcome!

12:25 PM  
Blogger semite1973 said...

When the US fought a proper war against Iraq in Desert Storm we targeted Saddam. In proper war Israel will be able to still go after Hamas leaders.

Oh, and AFguy, that comment was hilarious!

12:26 PM  

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