Sunday, July 16, 2006

A taste of things to come

The following editorial gives an example of what Israel can expect from the international community:

The US veto came on numerous grounds, including that the resolution related only to Gaza, even though the Hizbullah-Iranian offensive had already begun.

It will be long remembered by this country that the UN could even consider such a lopsided resolution at a time when Israeli civilians were being killed over an international border that it had fully recognized. Though the US cast a lone "no" vote, it is the majority of 10 nations - including France, Russia, and China - which should be ashamed of their stance, as should the UK, which could only muster an abstention.

On Friday, a separate emergency debate began in the Security Council over the situation in Lebanon. "Many of the long-range missiles that have hit Israeli towns…were launched from private homes, with families residing inside," Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman noted. "This is yet another example of the cynical and brutal way that Hizbullah uses civilians as human shields, with complete disregard for human life."

The US veto and the opening of a new debate on Lebanon offer the opportunity of correcting some of the damage done by the disgraceful draft resolution on Gaza. There could be no more clear-cut case of international aggression than the cross-border attack on Israel from Lebanon.

It's laughable when Russia's Putin talks about an Israeli "disproportionate response." This from the leader of a country that leveled Grozny and killed well over 100,000 Chechen civilians.

The tone of this editorial is also telling. Europeans and others that rush to condemn Israel should be "ashamed." That's all the Jews will do or say. "You should be ashamed." No threats of violence, no threats of retaliation.

I've always said, It's easy to criticize the Jews, because they reply with indignant editorials. Whereas if you place your country in opposition to elements in the Islamic world, you can expect threats of violence, threats to cut off oil, and sometimes actual violent attacks on your country or interests abroad.

Much easier to lambast Israel. Plus, Israel is full of ... Jews.


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