Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Looming Chinese Threat, Part II

In today’s Washington Times, Don Feder again warns us about the looming Chinese threat in his latest article entitled “China's Zhu-doo diplomacy.”

I recently blogged here that the United States needs to aggressivly develop strong economic, diplomatic and military relations with countries surrounding China, specifically democratic India, which once fought a war with China. Feder agrees with me. He wrote that we should “[s]trengthen our growing alliance with democratic India. Sometime in this century, India's population and economy will surpass China's. In a recent Pew Research Global Attitudes Survey, pro-American sentiments were stronger in India than in other countries surveyed. China occupies a broad swath of Indian territory (taken in the 1960s), and is the principal patron of India's arch-enemy Pakistan. It's hard to imagine a more logical ally in a future conflict with the People's Republic.”

Another reason we should support closer ties with India: Indian cuisine easily rivals Chinese cuisine.


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