Monday, August 08, 2005

Gaza Pullout

Although I am for the pullout from Gaza, I don’t begrudge Bibi for quitting the government because of it.

"The moment of truth has arrived," Mr. Netanyahu said. "I know that I can't be a partner to a move that I believe is mistaken and that is leading blindly toward the establishment of an Islamic base that endangers the state of Israel."

Anybody who thinks this pullout will advance the cause of peace has been smoking crack. Gaza will become dominated by Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Islaminazi terror groups like Hezbullah and al-Qaeda will probably find a comfy home there as well. Palestinian Authority president Mahmud Abbas hasn’t lifted a finger to disarm Hamas, et. al. In fact, he’s co-opted them into his government. The only difference between the Islaminazi groups and the PLO and its constituent terrorist proxies is that a) the PLO groups are “secular” (although the Arab idea of “secular” is more akin to the Jewish or Christian idea of pretty-fucking-religious-nevertheless); and b) the Islaminazis are vocal about their intentions to kill the Jews and destroy Israel, whereas the PLO groups still mouth platitudes about peace, but only in English.

Still, the pullout has certain benefits for Israel which hopefully will outweigh the costs. Then again, the idea of withdrawing under fire seems like a sure recipe for more and more and more fire in the future…There are no good options.


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