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The following brief article is blunt, perhaps a bit harsh, but I'm posting it because I think it contains a lot of truth.

I'm also posting it because it is apropos to a conversation I had just a few hours ago. While training Stephane, my French client, I gently inquired about the ethnic make-up of France, and how it differed from the ethnic mélange that surrounds him in America. He replied that although there are French-Africans and a fair number of East Asians and Indians, there was a huge population of Arabs.

I asked him if he thought the large Arab population could grow large enough one day and radically change the very nature of French state. He said "Yes." Then he pointed out that while most French-Europeans have one child, French-Arab families have five or six. He said, "At that rate, een two gener-ray-shun, Fwrance weel bee comb-pleetely diff'ront." I agreed with him, and pointed out that the French were increasingly secular, and that the Muslims tended to be strong in their faith. He responded by making one of those famous Gallic mannerisms: His lower jaw jutted out, his head tilted slightly and his lips turned to a tight frown, he turned his palms up as he shrugged his shoulders, as if saying, "Zis ees za sad reali-tay—what can you do?"

Anyway, here is the brief article in full:

Europe Died in AuschwitzBy Sebastian Villar Rodriguez September 23, 2005
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I was walking along Raval (in Barcelona) when all of a sudden I understood that Europe died with Auschwitz. We assassinated 6 million Jews in order to end up bringing in 20 million Muslims!

We burnt in Auschwitz the culture, intelligence and power to create.

We burnt the people of the world, the one who is proclaimed the chosen people of God.

Because it is the people who gave to humanity the epic figures who were capable of changing history (Christ, Marx, Einstein, Freud...) and who represent the origin of progress and wellbeing.

We must admit that Europe, by relaxing its borders and giving in under the pretext of tolerance to the values of a fallacious cultural relativism, opened its doors to 20 million Muslims, often illiterates and fanatics that we could meet, at best, in places such as Raval, the poorest of the nations and of the ghettos, and who are preparing the worst, such as the 9/11 and the Madrid bombing and who are lodged in apartment blocs provided by the social welfare.

We also have exchanged culture with fanaticism, the capacity to create with the will to destroy, the wisdom with the superstition. We have exchanged the transcendental instinct of the Jews, who even under the worst possible conditions have always looked for a better, peaceful world, for the suicide bomber.

We have exchanged the pride of life for the fanatic obsession of death. Our death and that of our children. What a grave mistake we made!

As a pro-American, pro-Israel Palestinian internet friend of mine once said about Europe: "Now they have the semites they deserve."


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Spot-on, mate!


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Hey Ryan! Hope all is well in Brazil!

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