Thursday, October 06, 2005

Iran continues to up the nuclear ante

I don't believe Iran's nuclear ambitions can be negotiated away. Eventually they will have to be blown away. The only two countries who will do that are the US or Israel. I don't know if the US will act, because I think the war in Iraq has taken a toll on our willingness to engage in any more military "adventures." Plus, anything -- anything -- the Bush administration suggests or does will be immediately rejected and opposed out-of-hand by nearly half the country as a matter of principle.

Iran’s nuclear menace threatens Israel the most, and therefore the Israelis may be the ones who end up taking military action. I hope they are cooking up a good plan, because degrading Iran’s nuclear ability will be much harder than taking out Saddam’s single French-built nuclear reactor was.

Iran military's nuke role worries U.S


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