Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Palestinian suicide bomber strikes

Five innocent Israelis dead thanks to a Palestinian suicide bomber. The bomber was a member of Islamic Jihad, an organization supported and funded by Iran, a country whose president recently called for the destruction of Israel.

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the deadliest attack in Israel in more than three months, with the Iranian-backed group saying it was in retaliation for the killing of a top militant leader by Israeli troops earlier this week.

Why bother with explanations and excuses if your goal is the annhilation of Israel? Everybody knows Israel's mere existence is the "provocation" that the Islamic terrorists are reacting to. And even if in the mind of some Arabs the attack was in fact a retaliation for the killing of a wanted terror leader, how can the targeted killing of a single man -- a man with blood on his hands and the desire to kill more innocent people in the future -- in any way be morally equal to killing random men, women, and children?

And if the Iranian leadership wants the destruction of Israel, does that mean that right now Ahmadenijad is hi-fiving the people in his cabinet? Do they even care if some of the victims might have been women and children? It's chilling to think that the leadership of a modern, geopoltically significant country like Iran can be openly genocidal in this day in age. It's even more chilling to think that they are going nuclear while the world sits on their hands.

Then we get the typical morally bereft condmentation of the attack by the "moderate" Palestinian leadership.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack, saying it "harms Palestinian interests and could widen the cycle of violence, chaos, extremism and bloodshed."

This is the typical pro-forma Palestinian condemnation of terror attacks. They condemn the attack NOT because they are morally wrong, but because they are merely inconvenient or harmful to Palestinian interests.

"It is not permitted for anyone to take the law into their hands," he added.

So blowing up innocent Israelis is a matter of law enforcement? I suppose Abbas wants the killing of Jews to be left to the Palestinian authority at a future date, when they decide once again, as they decided in 2000, to ignite violence against Israel.


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