Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Israel Campus Beat

Cool! The following email was sent to the UWM Post, but directed at me. The Post forwarded it to me last night. This is an honor for me, to have an article chosen for reprinting in Israel Campus Beat. I haven’t found the article they chose to reprint, so I’m guessing it will be published next week. When I find it, I’ll link it.

Dear Zak,

Your article was recently selected for reprinting in the latest issue of the Israel Campus Beat (ICB) – a weekly e-newsletter that keeps college students up to date and informed about current events in Israel . The ICB reaches approximately 16,000 subscribers, including students on over 600 U.S. campuses and in 12 countries, and incorporates news articles, analysis, and opinion pieces from major national and international news sources, as well campus publications.

It is an incredible resource that provides students with a broad spectrum of information about Israel and a unique opportunity to learn what fellow students on other campuses are thinking about the situation in the Middle East.You can visit us at www.israelcampusbeat.org to see past and current issues of the ICB. Once you're there, make sure to sign up to receive future issues of the ICB and encourage your friends at your campus and around the country to subscribe as well.

More importantly, though, keep writing about Israel and the Middle East, and make sure to let us know about any future articles that get published.


Matt Hoffman
University of Massachusetts-Amherst Israel Campus Beat National Student Co-Editor

Matthew Reber
Montclaire UniversityIsrael Campus Beat National Student Co-Editor


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