Friday, January 19, 2007

Oh no, not again!

Hezbollah vows 'very big action' ahead

(Nasrallah) said the resignation of Israel's military chief proved that his group had won the July-August war with Israel, and forecast that the country's prime minister and defense minister would also have to resign.

"It is natural and logical," he said, for Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz to quit. "I expect him to resign. He will be the next victim.

He predicted that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert would also pay the price of Israel's failure to crush Hezbollah and secure the release of its soldiers in the 34-day war.

"In the end, (Olmert) will either resign or be overthrown," Nasrallah said.

The chief of Israeli armed forces, Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz, resigned Wednesday, saying he had to take responsibility. Internal inquiries by the Israeli military found widespread problems in the forces' performance during the conflict.

His resignation generated Israeli calls for Olmert and Peretz to step down as well. The three leaders were widely blamed for the war's shortcomings.

Nasrallah said that Halutz's resignation showed that Hezbollah achieved a "historic, strategic victory" in the war.

"What is happening now confirms that," Nasrallah said, adding that when he heard of the resignation, "I felt happiness."

He said the deterrent power of the Israeli armed forces had "collapsed."

"There is a crisis of confidence in the Israeli army, unprecedented since its inception," he said.

This is a perfect and sad example of a Middle Eastern leader mistaking Israel’s strength for weakness. The resignations in Israel are part of the process of taking responsibility for mistakes made during this summer’s war. It is clear from Nasrallah’s comments that Hezbollah hasn't learned a thing. If Hezbollah starts another war, Israel's response will be far more punishing than last summer's.


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Let's hope so!

btw Pipes was superb.


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