Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Betrayal

The attacks of 9/11 changed things for a lot of Americans. But Israelis and her supporters abroad were also subjected to a similar each-shattering change with the start of the so-called al-Aksa Intifadeh and the international response to it in following months and years.

It’s all on record, but to make a long story short, Israel was urged by the world to negotiate with the PLO and agree to a two-state solution with a shared Jerusalem. Throughout the Oslo years, and despite incessant Palestinian terrorism and incitement, Israel ceded significant amounts of territory. The Oslo process culminated in 2000 when Israel offered a peace deal that would have satisfied about 95% or more of Palestinian aspirations (at least what the Arabs told the world would satisfy them… all along they told their own people in Arabic that nothing short of Israel’s destruction would suffice.). After rejecting Israel’s peace offerings at Camp David, the Palestinians responded with an unprecedented terror war that claimed nearly 1000 Israeli lives.

There was a sort of unwritten understanding between Israel and countries in the EU, as well as the United States, that if the Palestinians failed to live up to their side of the bargain, Israel would have the political and moral backing needed to deal with the fallout.

In the end Israel was stabbed in the back. When Israel was forced to take on the terrorists unleashed by the PA, the world screamed foul. Pinpoint killings of terrorist master-mind bomb-makers and the like were met with condemnation. Non-violent means to protect Israeli civilians—like the highly successful security fence—were met with anti-Israel UN resolutions, negative ICC rulings, and divestment campaigns.

I have no reason to believe that anything will be different following the Gaza disengagement. Once the Palestinians begin lobbing rockets into Israel and committing other terrorist outrages, Israel will respond with force—hopefully devastating force. The Arabs will use the UN to bash Israel and the Europeans and the rest of the world will jump on board.

Israel can handle the military and security challenges ahead. Her supporters need to help out with the battle for public opinion. That means you.


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