Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"Honor" Slaughter In Pakistan Rages On

34 people killed for ‘honour’ in 2005
By Aayan Ali

LAHORE: There have been 34 honour killings of 25 women and 9 men in Lahore this year.On January 4, Rana Shamshad killed his sister Khalida in Hanjerwal police precincts because he suspected that she would marry of her own choice.

On January 14, Ziaullah strangled his wife Shahida for allegedly having an affair with neighbour Muhammad Arshad in Sandha police precincts.

Yakoob Khan, father of Mehboob, and Ayesha, niece of Riaz, were killed and four others injured in Misri Shah police limits on January 23. Mehboob was involved with Ayesha on which Riaz shot her dead and later attacked Mehboob and his family at their house.

Kashif and accomplices gunned down his sister Rabia Muzaffar in Gulshan Ravi police limits on February 10 for wanting to marry a man of her choice.

Shaukat Ali, a resident of Factory Area, was assassinated on February 12 for allegedly having an affair with Shabnam.

Nazir and Sabir Hussain, Shabnam’s brothers, and her father Allah Dita shot Ali dead at Gulistan Colony.

A mother of four was killed by her brother in Sandha police precincts on February 23. Shahnaz, 32, married Zafar Ali after getting a divorce from her first husband. Muhammad Azam, Shahnaz’s brother, shot her dead for “loose morals”.

A man shot his sister dead in the Factory Area on March 2. Munir shot Naseera, 28, a resident of Chungi Amar Sadhu, for having “loose morals”.

On March 5, Shahbaz, Adnan and Mola shot dead Shumaila in Shahdara Town police limits for refusing to marry Adnan.

Javed killed Mushtaq, 21, in the Wahdat Colony police jurisdiction on March 7 for allegedly having an affair with his sister Parveen.

A man shot his sister dead for allegedly having an affair in the Manga Mandi police jurisdiction on March 8.

A man killed his sister in Garden Town police limits on March 9.

Hina Basharat, 16, worked at a beauty parlour. Haroon, a resident of Mustafabad, Shahdara, shot dead his 19-year-old daughter Sumaira on March 14 over the suspicions that she was involved with a man.

On March 15, Yaqoob Masih shot dead his wife’s cousin Tariq when Tariq tried to intervene in a dispute between Masih and his wife in Sherakot. On the same day, Maqsood Masih strangled his cousin Uzma Bashir to death for eloping with a man in the Race Course police jurisdiction.

Shakeel, Shahid and Saghir shot dead their brother-in-law Tariq in Gujjar Pura police jurisdiction on April 13. Tariq Mehmood married Misbah against her parents’ will.

A married woman and her lover were murdered in the Baghbanpura police jurisdiction on April 28. Sakina, mother of four, had an affair with Imran and eloped with him on April 17. Her brother Riaz killed her and Imran after she returned home.

And it goes on and on.

Hat tip to evariste at discarded lies, who pointed out that "Lahore has about 6 million people. So in US terms, that would be about 1,700 honor killings a year in the entire US population (assuming 300 million of us)."

I think the root cause of all this is the Israeli occupation and US policy in the Middle East.


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