Saturday, August 20, 2005

Charles "K-Hammer" On Disengagement

Israel's disengagement is not a prelude to the end of Israel. It's not a signal that terrorism works. Israel is merely making a strategic move to more defensible positions.

In the following article Charles Krauthammer elucidates what some of Israel’s post disengagement deterrent measures might look like. As I wrote before, whoa be to those on the receiving end of Israel’s wrath.

Israel should announce that henceforth, any rocket launched from Palestinian territory will immediately trigger a mechanically automatic response in which five Israeli rockets will be fired back. There will be no human intervention in the loop. Every Palestinian rocket landing in Israel will instantly trigger sensors and preset counter-launchers. Any Palestinian terrorist firing up a rocket will know that he is triggering six: one Palestinian and five Israeli.

Israel would decide how these five would be preprogrammed to respond. Perhaps three aimed at the launch site and vicinity, and two at a list of predetermined military and strategic assets of the Palestinian militias.

Read the whole thing here.


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