Monday, August 08, 2005

More Clear Thought From Academia

Here’s yet another example of an academic who is so smart he’s stupid. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mark Crispin Miller, professor of Media Studies at NYU.

According to, Miller thinks "The [Bush] regime represents some dark old strains in U.S. history: nativism, white supremacism, theocratic tyranny. . . . They're neo-Calvinists, quite clearly working toward the imposition of theocracy on the United States, and then on the whole world."

If the Bush ADMINISTRATION (not “regime” you ass-wipe) are white supremacists, they are clearly very bad at it. Let’s see, the racist Bushies have: appointed a black woman to be National Security Advisor and later Secretary of State; appointed a black man to be Secretary of State; appointed an Hispanic man to be Attorney General. Yeah, that sure sounds like the actions of a white supremacist to me, to appoint minorities to the most powerful positions in government. Idiot.

Then, like a good Leftist Crispy Miller conflates all “conservatives” with Christians and attacks the later, claiming they "want to take us back to an imaginary Manichean age when you were either with us or against us, which means you either are us, or we'll exterminate you, because we can only tolerate ourselves, we can only tolerate those who share our values."

As an agnostic Jew, I don’t go to bed worrying about fundamentalist Christians. At worst, fundamentalist Christians are annoying. Fundamentalist Muslims want to saw off our heads! If I was a student in one of Crispy Miller's class he'd hate me because I'd be on him like a pit bull.


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