Sunday, August 21, 2005

"No!" To Shariah In Iraq

The issue of WMD’s was not the primary reason I supported the removal of Saddam’s Hussein’s evil Ba’athist regime from power. My biggest hope was, and remains, that Iraqis would elect a government that would then write a constitution protecting the human rights of all Iraqis. After that, my hope was that this would create a ripple effect of support for democracy and human rights across the region.

The Iraqis have done the first part. But now to my deep shock and dismay it looks like the Shiites in Iraq—with the acquiescence of the US State Department—are on the verge of codifying Islamic Law (shariah) as the—and not a—source of law in Iraq.

Shariah is simply not compatible with modern standards of human rights. Shariah suppresses women, mandates the executions of homosexuals and promotes barbaric punishments such as amputation of limbs and stonings. Any Muslim who wishes to change his or her religion is condemned to death for the crime of apostasy.

Everything our country has sacrificed will be severely diminished if this travesty occurs. If this concerns you, contact the US State Department and let them know how you feel.

Our brave men and women did not sacrifice their lives for shariah!

Hat tip: Charles at LGF


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