Wednesday, August 10, 2005

On Being Intolerant Of Intolerance

I like tolerance. Tolerance is good thing. It is essential to be tolerant, especially if one lives in an open, democratic society. I don’t like intolerance. I don’t tolerate those who are intolerant of people just because those people might be of a different race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Does being intolerant of intolerance make me intolerant? A moral relativist would say “yes.”

Let’s examine this further. The Netherlands is one of the most liberal, relaxed countries on earth. Because of that, homosexuals in the Netherlands have it better than homosexuals any place else, except for perhaps those living on the Greek Island of Lesbos (just kidding). The Dutch, tolerant as they are, threw open their gates and welcomed immigrants from all over the world, but particularly people from the Arab and Islamic worlds. The Arab and Islamic worlds are not exactly known for their tolerance. When a certain outwardly gay Dutch politician—the late Pim Fortyun—began raising alarm bells about the intolerant views of many of these new immigrants and their unassimilated offspring, most of the tolerant multi-culturalists in the Netherlands condemned Fortyun as an intolerant bigot.

Only in the moral relativist universe could a gay man be deemed a bigot for objecting to the homophobic views of certain segments in society.

Moral relativists are idiots.


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