Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Celebrity Labor Day

I’m jealous of celebrities. I admit it. However, I don’t envy their wealth, or looks, or ability to date the beautiful people, or because they get invited to the swankest parties and the hippest hangouts. No, I’m jealous of celebrities because they are showered with praise by the media just for doing the same thing millions of Americans do on a daily basis, for example, charity.

How many average Joe’s risked their lives to fish people out of water in New Orleans? Hundreds? Thousands? Why, then, does Sean Penn get all the attention?

It’s for this same reason I go crazy when celebrities sound off on politics. I’m not arguing their right to speak their minds; I'm just annoyed that, by virtue of their celebrity, their views will get far more attention and consideration than yours or mine. It also doesn’t help that most of the time they sound like idiots, too.

I think we need a new American holiday in which real, normal people take a day off work and are served by celebrities. The celebrities come to our cities and towns for a day and clean our yards for an hour, cook for us, or perhaps chauffer us around. All the while, the celebrities should be forced to listen to our political opinions as they work. It could be called Celebrity Labor Day.


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