Monday, October 10, 2005

Insane rant

MEMRI has tranlsated clips from an interview on Hezbullah's al-Manar TV. It has to be read to be believed. Then again, maybe it is cleaver Zionist propaganda desgined to make the Arab nation look like psychos...? Hat tip: LGF

Ahmad Rami: Today, the Westerners harbor great respect for Hizbullah in their souls.
Host: In public opinion?

Ahmad Rami: Yes, in public opinion. They respect Hizbullah because it fights the Jihad.
Host: Do you mean in Sweden or Europe in general?

Ahmad Rami: Europe in general. The greatest author of Sweden, Jan Myrdal, said to me: “You Muslims may need our support, but we need your Jihad. Otherwise, whom will we support?” If there is no Jihad and resistance, who will the free people in the West support? There are free people in the West.

The Zionist control of the media imposes a kind of media terrorism and hypocrisy in such a way that many Swedes have a public opinion which they express on radio and TV. If he wants to live a normal life and have work, he must claim to be Israel’s friend and the enemy of Israel’s

enemies. But when you talk to regular Swedes, and even authors, privately, they are all against Israel and against the Zionist occupation. Nevertheless, If Israel finds itself in danger and if we become stronger than it, no Westerner would come to its defense.

The Jews in the West - and this has become a tradition - have 100% complete control of the media, of the political parties, the trade unions, and the publishing houses. They politically control all the parties, from right to left.

Ahmad Rami: Yes. In the West today... For example, I, in Sweden, am fighting for freedom of speech for everybody in Sweden. In Germany I told them that now... I was asked: What is your Jihad? Why are you fighting? I told them: I am fighting so that the Swedes will have the same rights as the Jews in Sweden. I am fighting so that the Swedes will have the same rights as the Jews. The Jews in Sweden, Germany, France, and America have rights that even the citizens of those countries do not have.

As far as I’m concerned, Judaism is not a religion. Judaism is a criminal and dangerous mafia.

Proof that the Jews are not as poweful as Rami believes: If we were, his head would have pumped full of lead a long time ago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha! But the Zionists are very clever, and besides is not the Sheikh Rami under the protection of Allah-Akbar himself (pbuh)? Shall not the blood of Sweden's shuhuda cry out for the freedom of Balestine, and the mountains soar like eagles on the wings of Al-Quds?

To kill Rami would be for the Zionists to show themselves...this cannot be done. Shall the weak hill-goat flout it's dung-hole in the face of the fierce Balestinian warrior-king?

11:14 AM  
Blogger semite1973 said...

Exactly! Or, shall the shy she-camel break wind for the white stallion in the presense of the angry donkey?

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aha! Such is the Zionist cunning that the white stallion itself would turn into a crow as black as the oil of Al-Basrah, and impersonate the holy Muezzin (pbuh) of Jeddah, if it were possible, for Allah(pbuh) knoweth all that ye do...

7:10 AM  

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