Friday, November 25, 2005

A great Thanksgiving

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The food was excellent and everybody had such a great time. Like most years I ate until stuffed, then fell asleep on a big puffy chair. Eventually all of the yelling and screaming (we can be a very loud family) woke me from my nap, but I felt refreshed. I would give anything for some more mashed potatoes with gravy and stuffing—and some grilled turkey. Why didn’t I ask for leftovers?

I was going to go out later that night and meet a friend, but then I called him and suggested we just chill at my place. I knew last night that I would be going out tonight anyway, so staying in seemed like a cheaper way to have a good time. My buddy, brother and myself drank beers and channel surfed, cracking each other up by basically ranking on crap we’d see on TV. Sometimes watching bad TV on purpose can be entertaining if you make fun of it.

Anyway, me wants to get a workout in before going to work, so me’s gots to go—bo!


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