Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Prager on Jordan bombings

In the following article Dennis Prager takes note of the inherent hypocricy of Jordanians who have finally come to realize that blowing up innocent civilians is bad. I touched upon this topic last week when I noted that the Arab world has been riding a tiger in their outright or tacit support of suicide bomber terrorism.

Quote and link:

Now there is widespread condemnation of Zarqawi's terror in Jordan. There is even a fear that the name of Islam will suffer. Unfortunately, however, it is only because Zarqawi was foolish enough to massacre Jordanian civilians, and not confine his massacres to Iraqis and non-Arabs. What has aroused Arab voices against Zarqawi has nothing to do with the immorality of blowing up people celebrating at a wedding -- it has to do with the immorality of blowing up Muslims celebrating at a wedding.


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