Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The arrogance of the left

Last night in one of my graduate school classes the professor stepped outside to retrieve a book. There was silence among us students, so I piped in, “Anybody want to hear a joke? You all will like it—it’s a Bush joke!”

One guy to my right said, “Why would you tell a Bush joke? You like the guy.” I replied, “Well, I also have a sense of humor, too.”

So I told the joke, which goes like this (and is best told in person, not on paper): Rumsfeld, Rice and Bush are having a meeting about Iraq. Rumsfeld tells the president, “Sir, I just got a report in that said 3 Brazilian (Braziillion) soldiers died in Baghdad.” Bush is beside himself with grief. “Oh my god, oh no!” he groaned. Then Bush turns to Rice and whispers in her ear, “Hey Condi, how many is a Brazillion?”

There were some chuckles, which was to be expected considering it’s an amusing joke, but no more. Hardly a side-splitter. But then a weird thing happened: The mood among my classmates took a palpable drop. Some of them started shaking their heads gently, looking down, commenting on how sad it was that the joke was so close to the truth. Then, the anti-Bush ranting began. But again, I must reiterate how strange it was that a stupid little joke changed the mood of the class. Very strange. A Pakistani girl in the class wondered how Bush ever became president if everybody hated him. I replied that she was insulated in a very liberal atmosphere (the university) in a blue city (Milwaukee), but that in many other parts of the country things were different. The guy to my right said the elections were rigged—period.

Perhaps because of the mood of the class the professor suggested we hold class elsewhere; get out of the classroom. So, we decided to go a eatery/bar place on campus to finish our discussion. On the way there we passed through the JMC department building. I noticed that on two different office doors were hung maps of the United States mocking the so-called ignorance and stupidity of Americans, particularly the ones from red states. Then I recalled a sticker that used to be on another professor’s office door that portrayed all of the red states as “Jesusland.”

I commented to those near me, “Gee, a lot of the faculty here seem to hold the majority of Americans in very low regard.” I pointed out the different office door posters. Nobody could really deny that. The elitist arrogance of so many leftists is astounding.



Blogger airforcewife said...

I've tried to figure this one out for the last day or so since I first read your post...

How does the "Jesusland" label belong on the more conservative (or rather, I prefer the label realistic since I don't consider myself to be conservative) members of religons that aren't Christian? Most of the Sikhs I know tend to vote Republican.

I may be wrong, but I'm not sure that Jesus had anything to do with that.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I was in Nevada recently, and it was all Old Glory, cowboy hats, prayers, bull-riding, country music, God Bless Our Troops and the Star-Spangled Banner. I guess this is what the sneering New England Lefties would call "Jesusland". I'd take it as a compliment.


9:30 AM  

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