Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Class Pic

Last night was our last class and Mehvish, thoughtful girl that she is, brought a camera and insisted we have a class photo. From Top from left: Desmond, Chicago native and self-described "anarchist"; Ian, Singaporean of Chinese descent; Frizzel, rural Mississippi native and Wisonsin transplant. Claims he likes our winters and hated the Mississippi heat. A very independent thinker, Frizzel also has a voice that would make Jame Earl Jones envious. Katie, a very talented visual artist and highly intelligent to boot. Said, whom I "met" online before ever meeting in person. We had intense debates about the Middle East (Said's father is a Palestinian), yet when we met in person we found each other to be completely different from our online personas. Said is a very bright, nice, and gentle guy. Seated: Heidi, the professor whom I think is attractive and want to go out with but she's probably not interested and it's probably inappropriate (which makes her all the more desirable). She said she'd turn me into a Marxist... maybe for a date with her, I'd be a Marxist for a night. Or, we could have great debates. Next to her is Nick, who is the smartest dude in the program. He's so freakin' smart, he explains the readings to the professors. Then there's me and I ain't too bright. To my left is Rebekka, who is very smart, so smart in fact that I have no clue as to what she's actually doing her thesis on because it's so complicated.

At first I didn't like the class, but I soon grew to enjoy the discussions and debates. Despite the fact that I often stood alone on many issues, nobody ever took political or philosophical disagreements personally. We all had fun.


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