Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kazakhstan pulls plug on Borat website

Money quote:

Afterwards, Kazakhstan's Foreign Ministry said it could not rule out that he was under "political orders" to denigrate Kazakhstan's name and threatened to sue him.

Cohen, who is Jewish, responded to the legal threats on the www.borat.kz site in character, saying: "I have no connection to Mr Cohen and fully support my government's position to sue this Jew."

In typical vein, he went on: "Please, captain of industry, I invite you to come to Kazakhstan, where we have incredible natural resources, hard working labor and some of the cleanest prostitutes in all of Central Asia."

Read the whole thing, here.

I love Borat. I love U.S. and A. I love sex!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, mate! I just tried to click on that site and it has indeed been pulled. have these dull Kazakhs no sense of humour?


12:43 PM  
Blogger semite1973 said...

Apparently not. Shit, they should thank Sasha, otherwise nobody would ever hear about Kazakhstan. I can't believe they are getting so worked up over a little satire.

They need to have a big drink of fermented mare's milk and sleep with their sisters to relieve a little bit of their tension.

7:11 PM  

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