Monday, January 09, 2006


Not a bad day, not a great day. An "ehh..." day.

Had a nice workout, though. Did chest and abs. I've been changing my workouts just a tad; focusing more on form and higher reps instead of heavy weight and lower reps. I'm more or less happy with my muscle size and physique; I figure the more I focus on perfect form and control, the less likely I am to injure myself. The shoulder injury that I had previously this late summer/fall really rattled me and I don't ever want to hurt myself like that again.

Anyway, I went two houses down to visit my neighbor. He had been inquiring about glass gallon jugs because he's making his own plum wine from his tree and he needs glass gallons. I intentionally purchased some really terrible, cheap wine in a gallon jug to help him out and I'm drinking it now. Anyway, I actually went over there to see if he had a nug for me and my brother, but he didn't. But we both lamented what winter does to our block, how it keeps all of shuttered in our homes. In summer almost every night we'd have impromptu "parties," and hangout on one of our lawns, sip beers, shoot the shit and let our dogs--and for those of us who have them--kids run around.

No more.

Anyway, my other neighbor DID have something for my bro and I. I love my neighbors, even if one of them is a communist. I know he'll spare me, my brother and my landlord when his revolution comes.

Viva Revolucion!




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