Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Exactly what I was talking about

Here is what is scrawled on M’s office door, the TA with whom I had an email spat regarding my editorial about politicizing faculty office doors.

Freedom: What a country has when it forces its military to commit mass genocide while convincing its citizens that the victims are less than humans. The rhetoric behind the war on terror should scare you.

The class she teaches is JMC 101. In that class all sorts of current events are discussed. When I TA'ed for that class one of my students had a friend who was killed on duty in Iraq. Imagine if that girl had to go to M about a paper dealing with the Iraq war coverage, which was what one of the papers in the course dealt with. How can any student, most likely a freshman, not feel coerced or intimidated by such a one-sided, strident statement? The office is shared by a number of students. I assume M wrote it, but nevertheless all of the occupants are responsible for what is posted on their office door.

Reasonable people can have reasonable disagreements about the war in Iraq and the war against Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. I have that argument with my father and mother all the time. But this is beyond the pale. I'm tempted to talk to the department head, or at least the instructor for the class, about this travesty.


M doesn’t teach JMC 101. Incidentally the lecturer for the class she does TA has been informed and is not very happy about M’s strident agitprop. A talking-to may be in the forecast.


Blogger airforcewife said...

Somehow, I would not believe her if she said she "supported the troops, but not the war".

YOu know, since she labeled my husband a committer of genocide and all that.

I guess the freedom to write crap on her door is no freedom at all to her. Maybe she should try living in North Korea and writing something nasty about Kim there.

She probably thinks the FBI is watching her and tapping her phone calls, too. Because God knows there are unlimited resources to sniff out everyone who so much as complains about Bush's choice of dinner vegetables.

Guess that irritates me more than a little...

You're absolutely right, though, zak. As usual.

11:33 AM  
Blogger semite1973 said...

I want to write her an email and let her know that by abusing the term genocide she debases actual genocides. Reasonable people can have honest disagreements about the war in Iraq, but she is just "out there." I get the feeling that she is beyond reason, or reasoning with. An email would probably be a waste of time.

11:58 AM  

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