Friday, March 17, 2006

Just stuff

Well, I slept in today because I don’t have to go into work until 3pm. That also means, however, that I must work late, until 11pm. Then early tomorrow morning I have more assignments.

At least right now I have a little time to write some shit down, since I’ve been a bit derelict in my blogging duties. For that, dear readers, I most profusely apologize.

Hmmm… I guess I don’t have anything really important to say, but hey, that never shut me up before.

So, I’ll start by saying that so far I really love my new job. Sure, the drive is guzzling gas, but other than that I don’t mind it too much. I’m happy with the types of assignments I’m given, and my coworkers all seem nice. The guy who was behind my hiring, Dan, seems to be very satisfied with my work thus far, and we get along very well—he’s a very nice guy. I’m learning a lot every day and my skillz be improving rapidly, me fink.

Dan already mentioned that soon I’ll be in charge of setting up a page, and that means learning quark, which is one of my goals in terms of gleaning some new skills from this job. Quark, whether in journalism or PR is an important program to know.

Yes, every day there are deadlines to meet, but I don’t feel under pressure or stressed. There are always stories in the docket for me to work on, and so I’m never bored. The result is that time flies by, and the shifts seem to go by really quickly.

Yesterday was a strange day, story-wise. I had to finish a feature for Saturday’s edition. The story was horribly depressing and tragic: a 25 year old who died from a rare brain tumor. I’m curious as to how this story will be received, since there is no silver lining in it. It’s sad from the start, and is sad at the end. I closed the story with quotes from the mother asking how people get through the loss of a child, that she’s bitter, lost her faith and will never be the same again.

Soon after that I had to rush to finish a story about a potential champion Bur Oak tree growing through the overhang of the Jackson town hall building—so one minute gut-retching sad story; the next fluffy happy cutesy big tree story.

My assignment tonight is to cover a few bars and “get the flavor of St. Patrick’s Day.” Not bad. The hard part will be resist joining in on the fun.

Tomorrow morning, other than a photo-op, I’m covering a women’s health fair. Comedian Diana Jordan will be the keynote speaker. When I spoke with her two days ago I mentioned that I, too, had done a little stand-up and we talked about that. She’s hobnobbed with the best of them and has been doing it for about 20 years. In the context of the conversation I told her one of my jokes, about Badger Health Care. She loved it and asked if she could use it. I said I would be honored. So, it would be a great honor if tomorrow she uses my joke, which of course is very apropos for her routine and audience. In return for the joke I asked that she view my DVD of my debut and give me constructive criticism. She said, “Of course!” in her big southern drawl.

Anyway, time to peruse the headlines, i.e. get the heart level racing!


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