Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why I haven't seen any 9/11 movies/programs

As a news junky, I found it somewhat odd that I largely shunned much of the 9/11 coverage marking the 5th anniversary of the attacks. As a strong supporter of the war against radical Islamic terror, it seems incongruous that I have yet to watch any of the movies or television programs about the attacks on 9/11.

But in reality it isn’t odd or incongruous at all. The fact is, I am deeply familiar with what happened on 9/11, and I know the lessons well. I do not need to watch the buildings collapse again, or watch a movie about the heroics of those aboard United flight 93 to be reminded that we are in a war with an enemy that we did not choose to fight, but that chose to fight us.

But it is good that such movies and programs exist, and that the media have solemnly focused on 9/11 on its anniversary, because far too many Americans need reminding.


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