Monday, August 22, 2005

Hollywood is not what is used to be...

During and after WWII Hollywood produced patriotic films. Even the controversial Vietnam war was has spawned its fair share of movies lauding American soldiers, even American political aims.

There was nothing controversial about 9/11. We were attacked in the most vicious and cowardly manner. More American civilians were killed in that attack—on our own soil—than ever before. Why has there not been a movie about 9/11?

Why not a movie about the war in Iraq? Okay, it’s controversial, it’s still going on. Fine. Why not , then, at least a movie about the defeat of al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan after 9/11? Can’t we agree that getting rid of of the Taliban was laudable and good and in synch with progressive liberal values?

In the novel The Sum of all Fears by Tom Clancy, Arab terrorists obtain a nuclear device and detonate it in America. How come when Hollywood produced a movie version of the book, the bad guys were European neo-Nazis? Neo-Nazis are not a serious threat nowadays. Why a movie so purposefully divorced from reality?

If we are unwilling to identify the enemy—radical Islam—and if we’re unwilling to believe in the righteousness of our cause, then I fear that we may not win this war, for we are embroiled in a war of ideas just as much as a physical war.

Hollywood can’t bring itself to produce a realistic, objective movie about the war on terror, or rather the war against extremist Islam. Thanks to politically correct thought-control, we will never have an honest movie about modern terrorism. Why? Because the truth is that while not all Muslims are terrorists—almost all terrorists these days are Muslims! Not enough people are willing to admit that, and so we pretend that two-bit neo-Nazis thugs are sophisticated blood-thirsty international terrorists.

Despite the fact that WWII occurred over half a century ago, expect Hollywood to continue to cast German Nazis as the bad guys instead of extremist Muslims who are RIGHT NOW plotting ways to slaughter thousands of innocent Americans.

Can Hollywood elites stick their heads in the sand any further?


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