Monday, August 15, 2005

NYT and Disengagement

The NYT ran an article today about the religious, ultra-nationalist Jewish teenagers who are making withdrawal from Gaza as difficult as they can for the army.

“Young, proud, and dismissive of the state’s authority, they have vowed resistance to the pullout, which they say is against God’s will.”

Allo?! Earth to datim (religious Israelis)—God didn’t lift an anthropomorphic finger while six million plus Jews were exterminated during WWII; I doubt He will stop the pullout. Please, let the soldiers do their difficult jobs. If you care so much about the state, move your asses to the Galilee, which has an Arab majority. Galilee is beautiful; lot’s of biblical stuff happened there, you’ll like it.

I am for the withdrawal, but for tactical reasons. Don’t think for a second, however, that Israel’s withdrawal will bring peace and quiet. Another article on the same page pointed out that in Gaza City “Hamas strung blazing green banners: ‘Resistance wins,’ read one, ‘so let’s go on.’” In the Palestinian lexicon, “resistance” means terrorism, suicide bombs, the like.

The sage editorial writers of the NYT’s are well-aware of the Palestinian penchant for violence, even if they play stupid. In an editorial today entitled “Only the Beginning,” they wrote that “the so called road map for peace calls for Israel to work with elected Palestinian officials to create a plan for a negotiated Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and Gaza.” It doesn’t seem to phase the NYT that Israel pulled-out (is pulling-out…) of Gaza unilaterally, meaning without any negotiations and with nary a clamp down on terrorist activity by Abbas.

The editorial continued: “The responsibility of the Palestinians is to clamp down on terrorist activity against Israelis. Clearly Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, must demonstrate he can stop extremists from Hamas who labor under the mistaken belief that they will one day destroy the Israeli state.”

We’ve heard this “clamp down on terrorism” lip-service before. The NYT and the rest of the mainstream media and governments from around the world (save those governments that are diametrically opposed to the existence of Israel) have been mouthing this same pro-forma pronouncement for over a decade now. The said NYT editorial dedicated about 550 words calling on Sharon to continue to cede territory to the Palestinians but gave only a mere 42 words about the Palestinians needing to crack down on terrorism. One would think that on the eve of this momentous Israeli move, the NYT would finally ease the pressure on Israel and put some on the Palestinians. Think again.

The editorial ends by warning Sharon (Israel) that “if there is any chance for peace, there are many more steps that must be taken.” Read: Israel must cede more and more territory. It is so typical of the NYT and the MSM to pretend that only Israel holds all the cards for making peace. In the real world, it takes two sides to make peace. When is the world going to finally hold the Palestinians to civilized standards and expect them to behave in a manner becoming of a people who are deserving and ready for a sovereign state?

You know what? Fuck Palestine—Free Tibet!

(Yeah right. The truth is that the poor Tibetans—unlike the Palestinians—don’t have the entire Islamic world backing them and blackmailing the UN in their favor. But who knows, maybe if the Tibetans start blowing shit up, people will take notice? Probably not; the world opinion seems to think that ZERO sovereign Tibets are enough and the world is in need of a 23’rd Arab state.)


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