Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bianca Jagger seeks to kindle US-Iran dialogue

If celebrities sounding off on political issues of which they have little or no understanding wasn't enough, now their spouses are too.

"If (U.S. President) George W. Bush were interested in finding a solution with Iran he would send (Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice tomorrow," she said.

Right... and since Bush doesn't send Condi, the tension between Iran and the US is our fault. Notice how leftists think everything that happens under the sun has to do with American actions, as if all other countries only react to us and never operate independently?

I wonder if it ever ocurred to Bianca that tensions with the Islamic Republic began on the watch of liberal democratic president Jimmy Carter? Why couldn't Carter defuse tensions? The Clinton administration couldn't reduce tensions either. The truth is, the Iranian government doesn't want good relations with US. A few months ago an Iranian pollster was jailed by his government because he published a poll that showed the majority of Iranian citizens wanted better relations with the US. The people of Iran want relations, but the government, which horribly oppresses its people, does not.

Dialogue would have to start at a popular level in which groups such as the one she was traveling with would chip away at the White House agenda little by little, starting with college campus newspapers and the mass media.

Agenda? Oh, she must mean the agenda to ensure that Iran, a fanatical Muslim theocracy, doesn't obtain nuclear weapons, or that (as she admits) Iran must respect human rights and women's rights? Yeah, Bianca, let's unite to oppose that agenda, you dolt!


I forgot to mention it, but in a sense the US has been negotiating with Iran, albeit via Great Britain, Germany and France, who have been trying unsuccessfully to get Iran to scale back its nuclear weapons programs. At this point, even France has been issuing stern warnings to the Iranians. Bianca, read the friggin newspapers! Carrots aren't working, even really tasty, ripe carrots.


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