Friday, September 16, 2005

International arrest warrants- two can play that game

Back in the day, I used to have more fire in my belly. I could get a tad bit radical, but I've moderated since then. Anyway, some recent goings on in the world have sort of rekindled some of my old impetuous, emotional ideas. Here is one:

It turns out that the British arrest warrant for former IDF chief of Southern Command Doron Almog was canceled. According to the Jerusalem Post, the “cancellation was on technical and procedural grounds and it did not imply that Almog or others are immune from future legal proceedings in Britain.”

Evidently similar like arrest warrants may continue to haunt Israeli citizens for the foreseeable future. Be that as it may, the British should know that two can play at that game. Indeed, during Britain’s long conflict with the Irish Republican Army, British forces were involved in many questionable actions against their adversaries. One such case that pops into my mind was the execution of three IRA members in Gibraltar in 1988. There have been many, many more cases of British involvement in the torture and killing of IRA members, stretching back decades.

Israel’s secret service, the Mossad, is considered to be one of the best in the world. Mossad is more than capable of identifying former British security officials who have been involved in “extra-judicial killings” or “crimes against humanity” or “war crimes.” I say, for every Israeli who has an arrest warrant issued against them by Great Britain, Israel should do the same against a British military official, retired or not. If any Israeli ever finds him or herself under arrest by the British, Mossad should kidnap a British national who is known to have been involved the killing or torture of an IRA member.

The British would do well to remember what happened during their Palestine mandate. When some young Jews were sentenced to flogging for putting up propaganda posters, the Irgun captured British officers and threatened to flog them. When the British authorities flogged the young Jews, the Irgun flogged the British officers. Later when the British were about to execute members of the Irgun, the Irgun kidnapped two British officers and threatened to do the same. When the British executed the Jews, the Irgun replied in kind. Shortly thereafter the British gave up on Palestine and left for good, hving been completely humiliated and out-foxed.

To read about just a smidgeon of some of Great Britain’s murky dealings, read this UPI article, Top IRA killer revealed as British spy.

Here is a link to the Jerusalem Post article: Almog arrest warrant canceled


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