Thursday, September 15, 2005

Iran to sell nuke technology to Islamic world

If you think a nuclear Iran was frightening enough, Iran's new terrorist president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, pledged that Iran would sell their nuclear know-how to other Islamic countries.

Could they be any more belligerent and confrontational?

The government of Iran is vehemently anti-American. They are not anti-Republican, or anti a specific policy—they are simply diametrically opposed to what the United States stands for. The late Ayatollah Khomeini (may he infest in peace) coined the term “Westoxification” to describe the “evil” yet alluring effect America holds over the minds of many Muslims. Thus, the existence of a strong America will always be viewed as a threat to the Islamic Republic. That is why since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the leadership of Iran has been exhorting its followers to scream “death to America.” That is why they refer to the US as “the great Satan” (guess who they call “little Satan”… it isn’t Belgium).

Now they will have atomic weapons—unless the West acts soon.

For the last couple of years, the US has watched as Britain, France and Germany took the lead, using their “soft power” to negotiate with the Iranians. The Iranians, however, played the big three like suckers, using them to bide time to continue their nuclear work. Miffed about being lied to and fooled, even France has begun taking a more aggressive stance towards Iran. And good for France.

Unfortunately, Germany is acting like the spoiler. In response to Iran’s recent cheating, Bush said that “all options were on the table,” which is the diplomatic way of saying that the use of military force is not out of question. Unfortunately, Gerhard Schroder of Germany decided the time was ripe to play his populist anti-American card again. In response to Bush’s measured comments, he declared that Germany would always oppose a military response. This tells the Iranians: You can be as naughty as you want, as far we we’re concerned, you should never have to face any serious consequences for your actions.

Ironically, by vowing that military force would never receive German support, Schroder makes a military confrontation with Iran more likely, because the Iranians will become bolder.This might, in fact, explain Ahmadinejad’s recent belligerence at the UN. The more belligerent the Iranians become, however, the more likely that the US, or Israel, or both, will take matters into their own hands.

This is why it is important that Schroder lose the upcoming election to Angela Merkel, who has said she wants improved relations with the US. The United States and the EU have to be united about this serious threat. The only way to face down the Iranians and avoid a military conflict in the process is by showing a strong, determined, united front. If the EU and the US cooperate, perhaps the Iranians can be cowed.

Bush has said that he will not allow the Iranians to get an atomic weapon on his watch. Although an atomic Iran is a threat to the US and Europe, the greatest threat is faced by Israel. Iran's government is dedicated to the complete destruction of Israel. Iran has missiles capable of reaching Israel. They just need an atomic warhead. When that happens, "never again" will ring hollow. For the Jews in Israel, it will be genocide-again.

I do not exaggerate. Literally, the Mullahs want to finish Hitler's job.

Former Iranian president Ali Akhbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, in a major speech, has advocated the annihilation of the state of Israel with nuclear weapons.

If the Islamic world comes to possess nuclear weapons, he said in his "World Al-Quds Day" sermon, attended by thousands of Islamic worshippers, their use in attacking Israel would "leave nothing on the ground" in the Jewish state, but would only damage Islam.

Here, collated by
the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI, are the core elements of Rafsanjani's speech, delivered at Tehran University on Dec. 14. The text below, rather than a single direct translation, is a composite based on reports in three Iranian newspapers – Iran News (English), Kayhan (Farsi) and Al-Wifaq (Arabic).

'Artificial' state of Israel

"Global arrogance, led by the U.S. and U.K.," is responsible for the crimes that the "artificial" state of Israel has been committing worldwide over the past half-century, said Rafsanjani, who currently holds the position of "Expediency Council" chairman.

The U.N. and other segments of the arrogant world have been supporting Israeli crimes, he said, and -- cautioning against what he called "global arrogance arms buildup [by the U.S.]" in an attempt to revive the colonialist era -- he asked nations and governments to prevent colonialism from attaining its goals.

"International Zionism," Rafsanjani added, "has been the driving force of this ugly phenomenon; Zionism is divisive; a century has passed since the onset of Zionism, but not every Jew is a Zionist, and not all members of the Zionist party are Jews."

He noted that the Zionist party is still highly active worldwide, and is the driving force of important events taking place in the world in connection with Israel. He called the disasters that have occurred in the half-century-old state of Israel an encyclopedia of colonial crimes. Palestinians are not the only ones to have suffered from the plan to establish this "forged" Israeli state; he said, adding that the Jews too are paying the price.

Rafsanjani claimed that the Jews had a place in various parts of the world, living rather well in each country. But this phenomenon [Zionism] caused them to take a stance regarding their religious state and leave their homes, under pressure and in the name of migration [to Israel]. Jews should wait for a day when this "extraneous matter" would be removed from the region and the world of Islam, and those who have gathered together in Israel would one day be dispersed again.

The formation of the Zionist state in the land of Palestine, said the former Iranian leader, was a multi-faceted base for colonialism. By this means, the West rid itself of Zionism, while establishing it in Palestine.

Meanwhile, the colonialists affiliated themselves with Zionism and the state of Israel so as to keep them like a tool in their service, even though, for its own survival, colonialism is itself dependent on Zionism.

With the formation of Israel, colonialists created insecurity in the region, exposing states to threats so as to bring them under the dominion of colonialism, said Rafsanjani. The survival of Israel depends on the interests of global arrogance and colonialism, and as long as this base is beneficial to them, they will preserve it.

Solving 'Israel problem' with nukes

Rafsanjani said that Muslims must surround colonialism and force them [the colonialists] to see whether Israel is beneficial to them or not. If one day, he said, the world of Islam comes to possess the weapons currently in Israel's possession [meaning nuclear weapons] -- on that day this method of global arrogance would come to a dead end. This, he said, is because the use of a nuclear bomb in Israel will leave nothing on the ground, whereas it will only damage the world of Islam.

Is unlikely that the Palestinian jihad will weaken, said Rafsanjani, who explained that the Palestinians have come to the conclusion that talks [with Israel] are effective only along with struggle and self-sacrifice – the two key elements that gave way to the second Intifada. The Palestinian jihad is the mother of many Islamic movements, he said, ranging from the [1979] Islamic Revolution in Iran to Islamic movements in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Central Asia, and many other Muslim states. All these Islamic movements support the Palestinian jihad and have not forgotten it. The Palestinian jihad has its roots in the homelessness of five million people. Undoubtedly, [this jihad's] culmination will be the liberation of Palestine, he said.

The threat of WWIII

Rafsanjani added that in its propaganda campaign against the Palestinian jihad, colonialism used four tools: propaganda, violence, deception, and the instrumental application of the Palestinian Authority. He warned the agents of world arrogance of the day when they would pay dearly for the pressure they were applying on the Palestinian people, as one day these exhausted, pious, and martyrdom-seeking people would decide to strike at the vital interests of [global] arrogance everywhere, and they will do this – it is possible, he said.
Rafsanjani advised Western states "not to let the situation reach this [point] and not to pin their hopes on Israeli violence [to serve Western goals] – because it will be very dangerous. We are not willing to see the security of the world disrupted."

Rafsanjani warned of the outbreak of World War III: "The confrontation of pious and martyrdom-seeking forces with the highest forces of colonialism is extremely dangerous, and might inflame a third world war."
In the present circumstance, concluded Rafsanjani, the world and the region need sobriety on the part of nations and states, on the one hand, and realism and fairness on the part of "arrogant" powers. We hope that problems will be solved on the side of right, justice, and truth, he said.

Iran's annual tradition of marking World Al-Quds Day on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan to show its solidarity with the Palestinian people was introduced by the late Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomenei.

It's hard to imagine that the leadership of a modern nation-state could sound so... medieval. The craziest thing about their desire to destroy Israel is their willingness to sacrifice potentially millions of Muslim lives in the process. I wonder how the average Iranian feels about that? The irony in all of this is that here we have Persian mullahs ready to sacrifice millions of Persian lives for what is first and foremost (despite all the Islamic rhetoric) an Arab cause. Shit, I've even argued with fanatical Muslim Persians who still can't hide their disdain for Arabs. It just goes to show how seriously unhinged the rulers of Iran really are...

But, I digress...

The threat can be faced and defeated—and probably without resorting to force. The majority of Iranians absolutely despise their leadership. Prior to the 1979 revolution, Iran enjoyed good relations with the United States and Israel.

But the only way we can defeat this threat without the use of military force is if the West shows a determined, united front. We need to stand up to the Iranian government while funneling all sorts of support and aid to the brave Iranian youth who hate the Mullahs more than we do.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if this is possible. And I don’t necessarily blame any European countries (yet) for this. I fear that here in America people like Bianca Jagger, or huge segments of the Democratic party, will naysay anything the Bush administration proposes. They will do this not because Bush administration proposals might be wrongheaded, but because, quite simply, they are Bush administration proposals, period. What frightens me about the political culture of my own country these days is that it’s become hyper-partisan. It seems like people on both sides of the spectrum view every issue through a partisan prism. I don’t know what can be done about it. It saddens and worries me.

Okay, I'm done.


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