Wednesday, October 12, 2005

NOPD Lawyer: Tape Doesn't Tell Whole Tale

Semite1973, viewer of said tape: Bullshit.

Here is my take on the incident, based off of what I saw:

Robert Davis, 64, was horribly beaten by at least four officers. Davis denies being drunk, or resisting arrest. I say, even if he was guilty on both accounts, the amount of force used against him -- a senior citizen, mind you -- was excessive. Just because somebody might resist arrest doesn't give police officers a free pass to go open-season on the offender, especially if the person in question is an old man surrounded by at least four burly cops. Point being, even if he resisted arrest, his resistance did not appear to endanger the cops—so why use so much force?

From what I saw -- and it wasn't clear that Davis was resisting arrest -- the cops slammed him against a wall. Then, a cop began smashing his fist into the back of Davis' head, resulting in Davis’ face smashing into the brick wall. Later, another cop puts Davis into a vicious head-lock while other cops piled on to him, and then they all went tumbling to the concrete. As a former wrestler and martial arts practitioner, I can attest that there are much more efficient and safer ways of subduing a person. If anything, these predators-otherwise-called-cops were bumbling fools who weren't paying attention during training.

More proof the cops were out of control: They roughed up a journalist who was on the scene.

And the most damning evidence of all against these predators-otherwise-called-cops was the footage of Davis laying in a huge pool of his own blood, completely dazed as a piece of something (flesh?) hangs from his mangled face. Then, as he tries to lift his head one of the cops comes by and, using his foot, shove-kicks Davis' shoulder, forcing a dazed and bloodied Davis to roll back onto his stomach. What was the point of that? That last callous act proves the cops were totally out of line.

Final thoughts:

Those cops were predators. I realize most cops are good, honest people. But those guys were thugs with badges. What's most chilling is to think that they are supposed to be protecting and serving the public, not terrorizing it. And not to be cynical, but it must be noted that the cops appeared to be white and Davis was black.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Add "stupid" to the litany of pejoratives. Have cops learned nothing since Rodney King?


11:08 AM  
Blogger semite1973 said...

No kidding... plus, if you are rouging up a television producer in the midst of it all, you should assume your actions are being recorded and adjust your behavior accordingly... idiots.

5:40 PM  

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