Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Had a very nice meeting with my academic advisor. I tried to devise a curriculum that would ensure my graduation by May, but he convinced me that I was biting off a little more than I could chew. I can, however, finish my degree over the summer. He even noted that some students finish their course load and then later complete their theses from afar, meaning if you want to move or relocate (which I do) your uncompleted thesis doesn't keep you "trapped" in a great place on a great lake. I'm aiming to finish my thesis over this summer. But it's good to know that by May I'll have ALL of my course work finished. I plan to use this winter break, which is about a month long, by doing some of the tedious, time consuming work for my thesis. In summation, I have A LOT of microfilm research to do--hours of it. So, I'll be free over winter break. Might as well spend a couple hours a day scanning through hundreds of editions of the Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel, innit?

But scanning through microfilm is actually pretty darn interesting. It's like a ride through history as chronicled by the newspapers. If anything, it's hard to stay focused on what you are searching for instead of reading about past events. Sometimes it can be amazingly eye-opening. I recall reading a piece once about how a western diplomat was arguing to deal with the PLO, that they had changed and were a responsible political organization. WRONG!

Have a nice day, y'all.


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