Thursday, February 09, 2006

Second thoughts on "Munich"

Steven Spielberg’s “Munich” has taken a lot of criticism from the Jewish right, myself included. But here is an article that makes some excellent points about the movie, points easily overlooked by us overly-emotional lovers of Israel, whose hearts quicken when we see our beloved depicted on the silver screen


Avner Kaufmann, the reluctant warrior and protagonist of Steven Spielberg's movie "Munich," is honorable, strong, a family man--that is, a typical Israeli. That is why "Munich," although intensely criticized by pro-Israel commentators, ultimately does Israel and the civilized world at least one service: At a time when anti-Semitism is all-too-often repackaged and sold in politically correct form as "anti-Zionism," "Munich" offers mass audiences a compelling portrait of an Israeli struggling courageously to confront evil. Despite its lapses, "Munich" still has value for illuminating Israel's position--and that of all civilized people confronting terrorism.

Read the entire thing, here.


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