Sunday, March 19, 2006

Still fire in the belly: an anti-leftist rant

The following brief rant/essay is based off of two things: A sick debate I read about between Islamo-Nazis on the best way to destroy Israel, and the realization that a lot of “intellectuals” in the West wouldn’t have a moral problem with it, since it would be, in their eyes, “restorative justice” or some hackneyed term. Snippets from my past debate with Professor Robert Jensen kept jumping into my head as I read these Islamic genocidal threats. Sure, he’d say, he’s against all that, but the sum total of his arguments point in that direction. So enjoy my angry rant, and please, remember that I am a nice guy.

Based off of everything I have read over the years, no Arab army in the Middle East stands a chance against Israel in a conventional war. Even if Iran wanted to fight Israel conventionally, geography prevents it; and so Iran has waged its war against Israel through proxy terrorist groups like Hezbullah, Islamic Jihad, and lately, Hamas.

In the last few months Iranian threats against Israel have grown increasingly belligerent and genocidal. As it stands, the only way to destroy Israel, or at least deal it a death blow, is by hitting Israel with a well-placed nuclear bomb or device. Should this happen, no doubt we must blame the supporters and committers of such genocide and hate. Most of them consist of radicalized Muslims. I assume Israel has second-strike capability and would lash out at its many enemies in the Islamic world and make them pay dearly.

But there is another group of enemies who are not as apparent: leftists in the West. I'm not talking about liberal Democrats, but leftists, radical leftists. Certain leftists, like Professor Robert Jensen (with whom I have debated), and others of his ilk, who have relentlessly sniped at Israel, chipping away at its very legitimacy.

Although most (but not all!) leftists rarely explicitly say they want to destroy Israel, the final logic of their arguments points to that ominous direction, or final solution. Even when they state that they don't support suicide bombers or the destruction of Israel, their arguments still hold Israel as the ultimate villain in the conflict. The sum total of their arguments ultimately puts into question Israel's very legitimacy to exist.

Additionally, such leftists criticize every single Israeli self-defensive action, from the passive security fence to pin-point strikes on specific terrorist leaders, to temporary closures of Israel's borders during times of heightened tension, etc. No matter what Israel does, Israel is always in the wrong in the view of Western leftists. The result is the delegimtimization of Israel in the West. This has already happened to a large extent in Europe, but thanks to radical leftist professors and other leftists, it could happen here, too. The danger in all of this is that once a group or country has been robbed of its right to defend itself—as Israel has been in the eyes of leftists—the seeds for it’s destruction have been sowed.

So I say here and now: If anything terrible happens to Israel, I will hold such people and their ilk partially responsible- and I would do something about it. If Israel was destroyed, I would never be the same person. I wouldn't want to live on a planet that witnessed centuries of murderous anti-Semitism, culminating in the Holocaust, and then finally the destruction of the bulk of the remnants of my people in tiny Israel.

If Israel was destroyed, I would be miserable. I PROMISE THAT I WILL MAKE LEFTISTS SHARE MY MISERY if anything horrific happens to Israel. In other words, let’s just say that a well-worded column would not assuage my rage this time.

This thought leads me to another radical idea: Israel should quietly and forcefully let countries like France, China, and Russia know—countries that have not bee helpful regarding Israel’s Iran dilemma—that in the event a nuclear Iran hits Israel with a nuclear weapon, Israel will automatically nuke major cities in China, Russia and of course, Paris. Maybe then those countries will then stop playing politics with Israel’s existence and unite with the responsible countries of the world to work together to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

And if all of this ever happens, while a mortally wounded Israel breaths its last breath and sends a hail of nuclear missiles at its enemies, I will do my share locally. I promise. If anything terrible happens to Israel, Jensen, D. Berkman, all you Israel-hating mother fuckers out there, watch your backs because I’ll be coming and nothing will stop me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Zak - Israel won't get nuked. God wouldn't allow it.

And in any case, the next country to use nuclear weapons in anger will be FRANCE. (Want to bet fifty bucks on that?)


3:58 AM  
Blogger semite1973 said...

God allowed the Shoah... I don't trust this God dude that much. But you're right, France will probably use a nuke first.

Anyway, can't wait to see ya when you sweep through here in a couple months. Keep me posted.

5:17 PM  

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