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Saten 666


Here is a link to the article about the desecration: Dolan's bottom line: Good wins out.

The big news over here in southeastern Wisconsin was the disgraceful vandalism on Holy Hill, which is a beautiful catholic church, perched atop a hill. It’s a tourist attraction as well as a house of worship.

Last week on 06/06/06 some idiots spray painted pro-Satan graffiti, except the dimwits apparently spelled Satan, “Saten.”

In a show of solidarity with Holy Hill, Milwaukee Archbishop Dolan led mass there yesterday. I had never been to a catholic mass, and it was quite an interesting experience. I even said “Amen” along with the flock when they quoted Deuteronomy about how God gave the land of Israel to Moses and his descendents forever!

But what struck me most was the constant harping on Satan. I didn’t realize how seriously the idea of Satan is taken among Christians, or at least Catholics. In all of my life, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a mention of Satan in any synagogue. I’m not even sure if Jews believe in Satan, and if we do, certainly not in the literal sense that Christians and Muslims seem to. At the same time, Satan also seemed to be used a metaphor, but not all the time. Let's just say, there was a lot of talk of Satan. It sounded foreign to my Jewish ears.

After hearing about how Satan visited the church on that day and did his evil stuff, I couldn’t help but to think, “Well, obviously Satan can’t spell for shit.”

I interviewed people after mass. As to be expected, people were appalled at the desecration. Don’t get me wrong, I think it was terrible and I hope the little bastards that did it are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However, there was a part of me that thought, “Big deal.” This must be because I’ve become so inured to the constant desecration of Jewish property and graves. I've been aware of such shit ever since the day I started reading newspapers.

What’s also clear was that this wasn’t a hate crime, as most desecrations of Jewish property are. It was more like an “idiot crime” committed by a self-described “punk” who couldn’t even coherently explain why he did it, or spell Satan properly. It wasn’t done out of malice of Catholicism, but malice of civil society and religious faith in general.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the Old Testament, Satan gets his biggest mention in the book of Job, where God allows him a certain amount of power in order to test His righteous servant. Otherwise, from memory he crops up near the end of David's reign (inspiring the census which incurred God's wrath) and also I believe in at least one of the Psalms. Although he is identifiable with the Baalim, Nephilim and other dodgy demonic demigods who were constantly leading a decadent Israel astray. Also the fallen angel, "king of Tyre" mentioned in Isaiah. And the snake, of course.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK dude, I just did a search and fyi the references are as follows:

1 Chronicles chapter 21
Zechariah chapter 3
Psalm 109 verse 6

For your general delight and edification!


12:18 PM  
Blogger airforcewife said...

I think that the overload of Satanic references was probably due more to the graffiti than actual Catholic harping on Satan. I don't think we usually do. Unless I'm inured to it now and don't notice.

But as a mood lifter for you (and a reminder that most of the ignored Synagogue desecrations take place in Europe and not here), remember the city in Idaho where Neo-Nazis were tormenting the families with menorah in their windows... and the entire town put menorahs in their windows.

1:52 PM  
Blogger semite1973 said...

That was great afw, I remember that menora thing.

As to mentioning Satan, here is a link to the article about the desecration. I'll update the original blog post, too.

And Ryan, thanks for the information. You know the bible better than most.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Seven Star Hand", you obviously need to get out more. I'll introduce you to my good friend Jack Daniels...


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Blogger airforcewife said...

Oh my. And I thought I was a bandwidth stealer!

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Blogger semite1973 said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been aware of such shit ever since the day I started reading newspapers...

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