Monday, October 09, 2006

Atomic North Korea

Here's my quick drive-by take on the North Korean atomic bomb test. Not sure I can add much to the fray, but here it goes:

The big news of the day is the apparent successful detonation of a North Korean atomic bomb. The detonation will send shockwaves far beyond the Korean peninsula.

Japan will be further emboldened to develop its military capabilities, which isn’t all together a bad thing. Maybe South Korea will consider going nuclear? Still, widespread nuclear proliferation is not a positive development.

How do we know the North Koreans won’t sell a ready-made nuclear devise to the highest bidder? They are certainly poor as all hell and have already sold ballistic missiles to rogue states like Syria (spit!).

Finally, Iran is watching this closely, especially how the Security Council will be dealing with North Korea. Will the S.C. slap on sanctions? Will the sanctions have teeth? Iran will be watching and paying very close attention.

Sit back boys and girls, this is going to get interesting—and not in a good way. As the old Chinese curse goes: May you live in interesting times.


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