Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Stop playing games, China

Why has China acted as North Korea’s body guard for so long? Fine, I understand their support for NK during the Korean War, but what about since the 1990’s till now?

China is no longer a communist country. It is a totalitarian country with a free market. The Chinese government is well-aware that stability among their population is best maintained by economic growth. That means business and trade with other states, specifically developed ones. I don’t have the data, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that China does more business with South Korea than NK. After all, South Korea is one of the world’s largest economies.

In the absence of communist ideology, in light of the fact that trade and economic growth are necessary for China, the question begs: What the hell do they get out of protecting NK?

If anything, the Chinese should be embarrassed and ashamed. NK is a basket case, a crazy country ruled by a freakin’ weirdo who starves his people by the millions

It looks like the Chinese might play ball with us in the Security Council. Great, however, if they do not, or if they are about to balk, the US has to play hardball. We should let the Chinese know that we will help Taiwan go nuclear and develop enough offensive missiles to hit anywhere in mainland China. We will urge the Japanese to go nuclear and expand their military forces. We will support South Korea to the hilt, as much as they want and need our support. If they want to go nuclear, let them.

I am sure a big part of China’s support for NK is to stick a finger in our eye. But now the gloves come off. Let’s see if a nuclear East Asia is in their best interest. Let’s see if the Chinese still want to protect their psychotic little freakazoid basket case of an ally.


Blogger Melanie said...

I can't believe everyone is ok with letting CHINA deal with North Korea. Who trusts China? Certainly not me. Thank YOU Madeline Albright and Jimmy Carter!

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read that NK might not have even detonated a nuke - it may have just been a load of high explosives - apparently the tremors indicated something smaller than a full-on atomic blast. So they might just be bluffing.
But I agree, it is up to China to deal with NK: maybe we should apply pressure e.g. long-overdue trade tariffs unless they topple weirdo Kim.


10:32 AM  
Blogger semite1973 said...

The Chinese screw with us all over when it comes to many of our major foreign policy objectives, and so it is time to play hardball with them.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah...they need our markets. It'd be a good opportunity for people to start buying more Made In America goods, instead of the cheap Chinese junk(sorry for the pun).


6:44 AM  

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