Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I've identified the woman I want to marry...

... and her name is Sarah Silverman. If you haven't already, go see her new film, "Jesus is Magic." I knew Silverman's humor was riske, but I was still in for a surprise.

Just when you think you understand her level of depravity and perversity, she hits you with a punchline that far exceeds any expectation (or worry) you may have had.

Further, Silverman is:

*Proud of Being Jewish (Self-hating Jews can kill themselves for all I care-- or let an anti-Semite doing it for them, I don't care...)
*The most politically incorrect person in America
*And despite the above, a sweetheart.
*Plus she smokes pot.
*Oh, and sexy, too. "Yes, Sarah, I want to hit that tuchus of yours!"

Oh, I'm in love... that milky white, unblemished skin; thick jet-black hair; sculpted dark eyebrows; mischieviously gleaming brown eyes; long neck (she's very proud of her long neck)...


Jimmy Kimmel, watch out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found her

Yes, very nice indeed!

10:56 AM  

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