Friday, April 14, 2006

Gonna be on TV (and update)


Just found out I'm going to be on TV tonight! Here are the details:

Dear Zak, Duane, Art, Eric (Matt Diehl. only chicago person) Friday April 14, 06

Your going to be a stars tonight on CBS 58... I included a clip or two of your 101 performance, you may need tooth picks for your eyes or a good recording device it airs at 1:30 AM tonight(Comedy College TV) most of the show is of my good friend and headliner Tony B Miller at Northern lights at Potowatomi

Keep at it, (if you miss it... don't worry it airs again next Friday)

Jim R

News Alert!:

Dear Group,

I just learned that the show is not going to air because of a content issue (in other words the manager doesn't have balls and is afraid to take a chance) I'll keep you posted,

Jim R

Well, it ain't my fault- my material was clean!


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