Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Six Feet Under: RIP

The last episode of Six Feet Under had me tearing up—I admit it.

It also got me thinking about what should happen to my remains after I die. I like the idea of cremation. That way, instead of rotting in the frozen ground, I’ll be in a comfy jar in my loved-ones warm living rooms, surrounded by the sounds of home-life. I don’t want to be in only one jar; I want every close friend and relative to get a few tablespoons of Zak-dust for their own home. Nobody will have to drive far to visit my grave, and my corpse won’t be wasting valuable land.

Another thing that concerns me about a traditional Jewish burial is that anti-Semites are always desecrating our graves. If I am one day buried in the ground, I want my grave stone to read: “Attention anti-Semites: If you desecrate this grave, you will be relentlessly haunted for the remainder of your useless lives.”


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