Friday, March 03, 2006

Debate on al-Jazeera

Watch this debate on al-Jazeera. This woman has BALLS. I also hope she has a bulletproof vest, or lives in the West.


Here is a link to an editorial about Wafa Sultan, the woman who debated on al Jazeera.

Dubai ports deal and real hypocrisy

It’s amusing to listen to folks on the left and the right argue that people opposesd to the Dubai ports deal are somehow bigoted or biased against Arabs. But what many people forget is that Dubai adheres to the illegal Arab boycott of Israel and refuses to any business or trade whatever with the Jewish state.

It reminds me of the hypocrisy about the Mohammad cartoon issue. Arabs and Muslims cry “Islamophobia” while they ignore the hatred that emanates from their own media.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Israel Campus Beat

Cool! The following email was sent to the UWM Post, but directed at me. The Post forwarded it to me last night. This is an honor for me, to have an article chosen for reprinting in Israel Campus Beat. I haven’t found the article they chose to reprint, so I’m guessing it will be published next week. When I find it, I’ll link it.

Dear Zak,

Your article was recently selected for reprinting in the latest issue of the Israel Campus Beat (ICB) – a weekly e-newsletter that keeps college students up to date and informed about current events in Israel . The ICB reaches approximately 16,000 subscribers, including students on over 600 U.S. campuses and in 12 countries, and incorporates news articles, analysis, and opinion pieces from major national and international news sources, as well campus publications.

It is an incredible resource that provides students with a broad spectrum of information about Israel and a unique opportunity to learn what fellow students on other campuses are thinking about the situation in the Middle East.You can visit us at to see past and current issues of the ICB. Once you're there, make sure to sign up to receive future issues of the ICB and encourage your friends at your campus and around the country to subscribe as well.

More importantly, though, keep writing about Israel and the Middle East, and make sure to let us know about any future articles that get published.


Matt Hoffman
University of Massachusetts-Amherst Israel Campus Beat National Student Co-Editor

Matthew Reber
Montclaire UniversityIsrael Campus Beat National Student Co-Editor

Sunday, February 26, 2006

More thoughts on the Halimi murder

Can you imagine the uproar if a bunch of Jews kidnapped and tortured to death a young man because he was a Muslim or Arab?

I can. There would be riots and protests throughout the capitals of Islamic countries. Muslims would protest and riot in the streets of Europe, taking revenge against anything Israeli or Jewish owned. Probably, Jews would be attacked in the streets in numbers that would pale the attacks that French Jews suffered in 2000 and the years following. Synagogues and Jewish property would go up in smoke.

I’m not suggesting Jews react in the same way. I’m proud we don’t. We are civilized. I'm just illustrating the differences.

The Mohammad cartoon row has had not a few people ask me, “Well, how would Jews react if people lampooned them in the same way?” Such a question reveals two things:

The first is a woeful ignorance about the anti-Semitic filth that has been published in Arab and Islamic mainstream publications for decades. To that question I say: You have seen the Jewish reaction—it is one of disgust and revulsion, of letters-to-editors, op-eds, and diplomatic complaints. But not violence, not threats of violence. Added to that I might add that such ignoramuses should do some basic Internet searches about Islamic/Arab anti-Semitism; to visit MEMRI, and educate themselves about this dangerous and disgusting phenomenon before opening their big mouths and asking me such a stupid fucking ignorant question.

It also reveals the Western, politically correct desire to try to draw moral equivalence between us and them. But there is no equivalence—and for that I am very proud.

A question that we should all be pondering is, how have the decades of Islamic/Arab anti-Semitic hate published regularly in their media contributed to Halimi's murder?

More Pix

I think the reason I had so much trouble uploading images in the past had to do with the general crappy natural of my last computer. This computer is much stronger and so I hope that I'll be able to add more images to my blog posts.

'Dat's all.

Ilan Halimi murder

Here is a link to a Jpost article about the torture-murder of French Jew Ilan Halimi.

This case reminded me of a conversation I had with a French Jew in Israel in 1999. He told me that a lot of French Jews take Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts) and claimed that Israel sent security instructors to train French Jews how to protect themselves and their property.

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