Friday, February 10, 2006


I believe I’ve already blogged that Iran’s leading daily wants to run a Holocaust cartoon contest in response to the 12 Danish Muhammad cartoons.

Now it appears that the publisher of the Danish newspaper that started the whole thing is coordinating with the Iranian newspaper to also run Holocaust cartoons.

While we don't know what they are thinking, we do know what Flemming Rose, the editor of the Danish newspaper that first published the offensive cartoons, is thinking. He told CNN that he was trying to coordinate with the Iranian newspaper currently running a cartoon contest to ridicule the Holocaust, so that he can run those cartoons, too.

More irony. Rose is going to prove he is a champion of freedom of the press not by publishing something that would offend Danish or Christian sensitivities, but by lending his hand to trampling the sensitivities of the Jews. And this all while the Iranians are threatening a new Holocaust.

Ironic is probably not the right word here; typical might be a better one - at least when viewed through these cynical and paranoid Jewish Israeli eyes.

Apparently this dolt can’t see the difference between political lampoonery and hate speech. What an asshole. This guy went from being a hero in my eyes to a bucking fastard today. Ugh!

Sometimes I hate being right, er, correct

In my post Zakstradamus predicts the future I wrote that soon Israel would be pressured to deal with Hamas.

It didn’t take long: France supports Russia's invitation of Hamas

Bucking fastards.

Pacifist anti-War France will Nuke you first and ask questions later

First Chirac said France would use nuclear weapons in response to a terrorist attack against France (assuming this means France can trace such an attack to a state-sponsor). This statement came on the heels of the massive riots in France, spearheaded by Muslims.

Now we learn that France is upgrading its nuclear arsenal.

No doubt this is in response to Iran's increasing belligerance. But imagine if Bush said the United States would retaliate against a terror attack with nuclear weapons! Imagine the uproar.

"Ze Boosh, he is like za craz-ee cow-boy... he does not understand za deeploma-see, like we Fwench. He is war-mong-air! Fasheest!"

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Second thoughts on "Munich"

Steven Spielberg’s “Munich” has taken a lot of criticism from the Jewish right, myself included. But here is an article that makes some excellent points about the movie, points easily overlooked by us overly-emotional lovers of Israel, whose hearts quicken when we see our beloved depicted on the silver screen


Avner Kaufmann, the reluctant warrior and protagonist of Steven Spielberg's movie "Munich," is honorable, strong, a family man--that is, a typical Israeli. That is why "Munich," although intensely criticized by pro-Israel commentators, ultimately does Israel and the civilized world at least one service: At a time when anti-Semitism is all-too-often repackaged and sold in politically correct form as "anti-Zionism," "Munich" offers mass audiences a compelling portrait of an Israeli struggling courageously to confront evil. Despite its lapses, "Munich" still has value for illuminating Israel's position--and that of all civilized people confronting terrorism.

Read the entire thing, here.


At this point I think I can safely say that I got the job at the West Bend Daily News as a general assignment reporter. Although the job does not pay terribly well, I will get health coverage. Further, the hours are perfect for me; at 30 hours/week, from W-Sat., I will have enough time to focus on my own studies. I’m planning on keeping my Friday night and Sunday day shifts at Bally’s, if they will have me.

I was offered the job on Monday, but according to company protocol a new employee must undergo a drug screening test within 24 hours. I took the invasive and humiliating drug test on Monday. The specimen was mailed to Cedarburg probably the next day. Because I have not heard back from anybody—and because they want me to start next Wednesday—I am assuming I passed. If I don’t get any phone calls some time today telling me otherwise, I’ll be 100% sure I passed.

It’s a huge weight off of my shoulders knowing that I’ll have health insurance again. It’s also nice to be able to work for a daily newspaper, no matter how small, because I need that kind of experience.

My financial aid came in last Saturday, and with this new job, I can finally and happily say that I am no longer broke—I’m poor!—but not broke. I never thought being poor could feel so good.

Hamas not to be trusted

Here is a link to my latest UWM Post column: Hamas not to be trusted

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Exactly what I was talking about

Here is what is scrawled on M’s office door, the TA with whom I had an email spat regarding my editorial about politicizing faculty office doors.

Freedom: What a country has when it forces its military to commit mass genocide while convincing its citizens that the victims are less than humans. The rhetoric behind the war on terror should scare you.

The class she teaches is JMC 101. In that class all sorts of current events are discussed. When I TA'ed for that class one of my students had a friend who was killed on duty in Iraq. Imagine if that girl had to go to M about a paper dealing with the Iraq war coverage, which was what one of the papers in the course dealt with. How can any student, most likely a freshman, not feel coerced or intimidated by such a one-sided, strident statement? The office is shared by a number of students. I assume M wrote it, but nevertheless all of the occupants are responsible for what is posted on their office door.

Reasonable people can have reasonable disagreements about the war in Iraq and the war against Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. I have that argument with my father and mother all the time. But this is beyond the pale. I'm tempted to talk to the department head, or at least the instructor for the class, about this travesty.


M doesn’t teach JMC 101. Incidentally the lecturer for the class she does TA has been informed and is not very happy about M’s strident agitprop. A talking-to may be in the forecast.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cute as a button

"Oh, look at the baby, isn't she cute as a button?" Or, "That girl is just as cute as a button!"

What's so cute about buttons?

This is a button

Is that cute?

People say stupid shit without even thinking about what it means.

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